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Car Covers

Q. Are your outdoor covers waterproof?
A. Yes they are, but they are also breathable. This allows condensation to escape. In damp atmospherics, high humidity, if a vehicle is very cold, or has been exposed to rain, moisture will be encouraged to collect under the cover. The nature of the fabrics allows moisture out slowly. Removing the cover before all moisture has evaporated leads many to believe that the moisture has leaked through the cover. Being breathable, the fabrics are between 90 - 96% waterproof.
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Q. What is the difference between a fully tailored and Size specific-tailored/generic covers?
A. We think of it like a made-to-measure or an off the peg suit.

A fully tailored cover requires someone very experienced to measure the vehicle accurately and to produce a full pattern. That pattern is much more complex and has to be stored for potential future orders. Add a spoiler and a new pattern has to be created. When the cover is cut out, it is a one-off exercise. The whole exercise is very labour intensive but the end result is similarly satisfying to a very good quality made-to-measure suit.

The Size specific-tailored/generic cover is made to fit a series of similar shaped vehicles. An example is the Toyota Celica and the Hyundai Coupe. The outline is very close allowing one cover to fit both. Detail differences would prevent a fully tailored cover fitting both. The generic nature of these covers means that a large batch of covers can be laid on the cutting table and produced at the same time. The labour cost per cover is spread.

Q. Will the covers cause damage to the bodywork?
A. Most customers remember the totally waterproof nylon car covers of the 1980's. They sold at about £14.99 and were likely to cause more damage than they could prevent. The bodywork was often damaged by the fixing straps. If used for more than a few hours it was advised that a cotton sheet was placed on the vehicle to absorb the condensation that was trapped underneath. The sheet also helped protect the paintwork from being scuffed by the harsh nylon material. When used for a few days, the cotton absorbed so much condensation, the desire to keep the vehicle dry was truly defeated. Given a very windy night, many of the covers turned into bunting.

The covers we supply are 90 - 96% waterproof but more importantly, breathable. This allows condensation to escape. All the outdoor covers will protect against the most harmful air borne industrial pollutants, natural pollutants like bird droppings and tree sap, snow, ice, rain, and are resistant to ultraviolet light which damages paintwork (particularly reds) so much. The covers come with elasticated hems and fixing straps to ensure a snug fit and to minimize movement. The fully tailored range come with a cable and lock. Extra elasticated straps or even a transit net are available to fit over the cover if continually exposed to very windy conditions or if the vehicle is being tailored.

The indoor covers are specifically made for protecting the vehicle in an enclosed environment and will protect the vehicle from dust, scratches and knocks.

Q.Are your covers a good fit?
A. The main reason for this question is the perception that all car covers come in small, medium or large. Enter a Car Accessory store and that is your choice.
It goes without saying that a fully tailored cover will fit like a made to measure suit.

The Size specific-tailored/generic ranges are made up of series of cover designs to fit a similar range of vehicles. A Peugeot 406, Ford Mondeo and Volkswagen Passat have a very similar profile. The same cover fits all three. Covers are made for similar ranges of vehicles and fit very well indeed. You won't be left with a great overhang to try and tuck up somewhere or trying to stretch the cover like a drum skin to get it over the boot.

Q. Will your cover fit a convertible or open topped car?
A. Yes, there are many patterns in the fully tailored range. Many convertibles have a similar profile to their tin topped brethren when the roof is up so in the majority of cases the tin top Size specific-tailored/generic cover fits the convertible.

It is important that the roof is up when the cover if fitted to prevent the cover forming into a bowl and collecting rainwater. The same is true of the open top. The cover will need to be supported in some way for the same reason.

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